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Get editing, feedback and encouragement as you write.

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Improve your writing

Get editing from the community as you write through inline comments. Writing projects let others help you discover problems while they're small.

Get feedback and reactions

Find out how people react to your story. Reactions surveys and structured feedback helps you understand how readers feel about each chapter.

Public or private

You choose who can read your story. Keep it open so you can build an audience or make it private and work with a group you trust. It's up to you.

Stuck? Get Inspired

Find a book to read by using characteristic filters to find something you'll love in seconds.

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Find and rate book content

Characteristic ratings help you find published books that match your unique tastes and standards without having to read hundreds of spoiler filled reviews.

Catalog what you've read

What you want to read or aren't interested in and much more. That way you stop seeing books you've read or aren't interested in or keep track of the ones you want to read.

Read and edit projects

Want something different? Find writing projects at all stages of development and help writers develop their skill and story, vote on other contributors comments and gain reputation as an editor.

Join a writing group

Make friends, get timely feedback and stay motivated.

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Tracking your changes

We keep track of project changes so group members know exactly where to focus so you can get feedback quickly on the things that matter most.

Connect with other writers

Build a writing group full of people that will give you the feedback you need to create an incredible story.

Stay motivated

Writing is hard, getting encouragement from other people helps you stay motivated even when things don't go they way you hope.